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Welcome aboard the Barnegat Bay Yacht Racing Association's Sailing Information.

The BBYRA is a Regional Sailing Association (RSA) of 14 sailing yacht clubs located around the waters of Barnegat Bay in New Jersey. We host an active One Design Sailing championship race series each summer, as well as coordinating many other sailing and related events in the area.

We are members of: US Sailing Logo in area ‘C’

You will find interesting information as well as local sailing regatta and event schedules and sailboat race results. Sail around and enjoy!

What's New:

NOR Amendment No.1
2015 Host Club Information
Host Club Instruction Letter and Host Club Check List Available
2015 Championship Series
The Championship Series Notice of Race and Registration form with instructions are available of the web site.
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100th Anniversary
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Coming Events and Races (Next 30 days)

Next Fleet Races: (max 20)
2015-07-08 - Wednesday Night Series @ SAYC
2015-07-09 - Catboat Evening Series @ MCYC
2015-07-09 - Ironman Junior Regatta @ SAYC
2015-07-10 09:30 - Powder Puff Regatta - Girls Only @ MCYC
2015-07-11 09:20 - BBYRA Championship Series Week 3 AM @ M+MR
2015-07-11 13:15 - BBYRA Championship Series Week 3 PM @ M+MR
2015-07-12 - Shore Acres Summer Series @ SAYC
2015-07-13 - LYC Junior Team Race @ LYC
2015-07-14 - LYC X\Caryn Wilson Junior Regatta @ LYC
2015-07-14 - Metedeconk Auxiliary PHRF Summer Series @ MCYC
2015-07-15 - Wednesday Night Series @ SAYC
2015-07-16 - Catboat Evening Series @ MCYC
2015-07-16 - 420 State Championship @ MYC
2015-07-17 - Beachwood Blast Junior Regatta @ BYC
2015-07-18 09:20 - BBYRA Championship Series Week 4 AM @ TRYC
2015-07-19 - Shore Acres Summer Series @ SAYC
2015-07-19 15:00 - Women Raising Sails for a Cause @ MCYC
2015-07-21 - Metedeconk Auxiliary PHRF Summer Series @ MCYC
2015-07-22 - Wednesday Night Series @ SAYC
2015-07-25 13:15 - BBYRA Championship Series Week 5 PM @ SAYC

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