BBYRA Championship Series Race Scores

The 2016 Season starts June 25, 2016

2016 Championship Series

Sept 3 - Daily Race Scores SPYC

All Races Abandoned
Tropical Storm Hermine

Aug 27 - Daily Race Scores LYC

Race 09-1 Protest by Marshal Sanderling #SA4 Brian Harris Against Marshal Sanderling #SA1 Rob Wingender Status Withdrawn
SA4 had clear lead and inside overlap to the pin side of the finish. SA1 was be
Protestor request to withdraw protest accepted by PC on 8/28/16


Sneakbox- No Race Too Much Wind

Sandpiper Sunfish

Aug 20 - Daily Race Scores BYC / OCC

Aug 13 - Daily Race Scores NBYC

Race 07-1 Request for Redress by Marshal Sandpiper #mc1 Mimi Dimon For Marshal Sandpiper #MC1 Mimi Dimon Status Withdrawn
I was not scored for today's race per posted results on website.
Score corrected by scorer,request for redress withdrawn.
Race 07-1 Request for Redress by Marshal Sandpiper #Ma18 Mark lewis For Marshal Sandpiper #Ma18 Mark Lewis Status Withdrawn
I finished second. I was not recorded.
Score corrected by scorer, request for redress withdrawn.

Aug 06 - Daily Race Scores PBYC / OGYC

July 23 - Daily Race Scores SAYC

July 16 - Daily Race Scores TRYC

July 09 - Daily Race Scores MAYC + MRYC


AM E Sloop M Sloop Laser

Laser Radial - Only one entry

July 02 - Daily Race Scores IHYC

June 25 - Daily Race Scores BHYC & MCYC