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C_Scor Sailboat Race Scoring

External Data Interfaces

Registration Spreadsheet

All common spreadsheet programs can save a page as a 'Comma Separated Values' (.csv) text file. This file is read by the 'import registration' dialog that will establish a map from the spreadsheet data to the registration fields. This map will process the first 16 columns of data, and the first three rows as possible header information to initialize the field map. A sample spreadsheet is included in the sample files zip download.

External Data Identification Keywords

The following keywords are recognized as pointers to information in the C_Scor registration records. Data tagged with these names will be automatically mapped to the correct input field.

Sail Number
Alternate Sail Number or Bow Number
Boat Name
Fleet Letter Code - Future program versions may provide a map from the name to the letter code
Report Group name
Skipper and Crew Names
From Club Name
Mailing Address - Multi line field
Phone Number
E-Mail Address
Scorers Comment

The Following fields are user for Handicap finish correction and User Defined fields

Boat Type Name or Description
PHRF Handicap correction number
US-Sailing Portsmouth Handicap NAPY code
User1, User2" User3, User4, User5
User Defined Fields

Bar Code Registration

The support programs included with the C_Scor package provide support for use of QR-code to store the registration record string in the bar code image. The process operates in two phases, the first uses a web form to collect the information and set up a image of the QR-code. The resulting registration page is printed by the user and handed in to complete the registration. The 'QRregistration.js' script (in the Samples.zip package) handles the search for keyword field names in the form and generation of a valid registration record, and conversion to an image using a free on-line service.

The bar-code is read by a scanner program and the registration record string input to the c_scor program for possible edit and validation. My setup uses a simple webcam with a lens from a pair of reading glasses (+2.5D) to bring the focus to about 8 inches, where the bcwebcam program can easily process the image and append a tab character to force c_scor to process the record.