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Aril 6, 2013
Saturday, Aril 6, 2013 at Manasquan River Yacht Club there will be a polishing of the BBYRA trophies meeting. The meeting will start at 5:30. All the BBYRA trophies must be returned by April 6, 2013. Gary Jobson will be here for the weekend and Lara would like him to take pictures of the trophies for the 100th Anniversary Book, therefore polishers are needed. Please let Lara know if you will be attending lara@walshllc.com.
Oct. 8, 2012
The film trailer is finished and looks wonderful. The link below is to the video posted on you tube. Some clubs have asked to show the film at their club. I do have a limited amount of copies available to loan to clubs or I may be able to copy to a thumb drive for you. Please contact me if you need a copy. The link below will also be posted on the BBYRA website and our facebook page. Also – please note! We still need photos. Please contact me or Dan Crabbe dan.crabbe@comcast.net if you need to arrange to have photos scanned. Feel free to share this with others! Lara Walsh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZC-WUqrh60Q&feature=youtu.be
May 11, 2012
Gary Jobson kick off at MRYC

Lara Walsh - Update November 20

Hi Everyone, Well I suppose we have added a new "Sandy" chapter to our history. I know that many of you sustained some very serious damage to your homes and also I have heard that all of our member clubs had a least some damage and some very serious damage. It still seems unfathomable that this could have happened to our beloved shore.
While I was at the US Sailing annual meeting in San Francisco just a few days after the storm I was touched by the outpouring of concern for BBYRA and other east coast clubs. I am told 56 clubs in all sustained damage on the east coast. US Sailing is putting together a committee to provide resources for clubs as we rebuild our fleets in the coming months. You will hear more about that separately from this email. Gary has been very concerned about all of us and I know he has been in communication with some of you. This was his final meeting as US Sailing President, he left after the meeting for Ireland where he was elected ISAF Vice President.

Dan Crabbe and I drove to Annapolis last week and met with Gary. Ed was there via conference call during the meeting. We went over all the film footage that we have to date and formulated a plan to continue in the most cost effective way possible. Gary will visit in January to go over the photos and materials we have at the Toms River Seaport Society and Asbury Park Press photos. We will schedule more interviews in winter and film racing in the summer. Putting together the book will begin this winter.

What we still need from clubs are photos. Something from each decade will suffice. You can email them to me or Dan Crabbe. If you need help scanning we will set up times at the Seaport Society for scanning. Now that we have this new chapter in our history we also need storm photos of clubs. Please cite the photographer of any photos you send.

I have also put together a draft FAQ on the project for the BBYRA website. It is pasted at the bottom of this email. I welcome your suggestions as this is a work in progress.

In hindsight I am very glad we filmed this summer at every club. Both interior and exterior were filmed at all BBYRA clubs. More importantly, the fact we are all safe is something we can all be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Sincerely,

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